Friday, December 30, 2005

Defamation in the news

Defamation is a topic that is appearing over and over again in Thai newspapers nowadays, so it's nice to see a lesson plan someone has come up with in Great Britain on this topic.

The worksheet is divided into three clear sections (called "stages"). It would be nice, if each section clearly indicated what it was about with a heading.

Section one defines defamation, but the actual definition is probably a lot more complex than the one given here. It was in the Thai article I wrote a lesson for recently, at least.

"Cases" would be the best title for stage two. Students read and discuss cases and debate whether they constitute defamation or not. More realistic cases or at least more complex and realistic facts taken from real cases would be nice here.

Stage three involves re-inserting paragraphs that have been taken out of a newspaper article on defamation, a good silent self-access activity. This activity might be easier to do for the student if the article was cut into pieces that could be arranged into different sequences, so the student could check which made better sense. It is certainly impossible to do even for me in the given PDF file. I could see this being a good drag and drop activity online with Javascript too.

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