Thursday, February 02, 2006

Intrinsic Motivation
= Interesting and Relevant Content

University classes are a captive audience.

Business people studying in their free time are not captive.

If the content is not engaging and relevant, business people won't come to class. Eventually, if they are bored they won't come to school at all. What to do?

Add a little intrinsic motivation and we can often capture this demanding audience:

"People who are intrinsically motivated work on tasks because they find them enjoyable...choosing to do an activity for no compelling reason...[the activity] occurs for its own sake...requires no external supports or reinforcements."

Sometimes the preparation of language teaching material is a search for good content, for relevant and up-to-date news, the same thing that drives journalists.

Outsourcing blogs: My favorite

There are several blogs devoted to outsourcing where you can find the latest relevant developments in this area. My favorite blogs are this Globalization of Services blog and this Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) blog.

Teachers have an advantage over text book companies here. Textbook companies avoid using and providing materials in computer readable form out of the fear of being copied. With Google and knowledge of their students, any teacher can find the right fit between students and content with a little experimentation.

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